Why your business need security service

6 Reasons Why Your Retail Store Need Surveillance Security Solution

Retail is a high-competitive industry where every dollar matters and it's a well-known fact that retail stores are highly vulnerable. The Organized Retail Crime (ORC) has increased across the retail organizations in the USA. According to a survey by National Retail Federation (NRF), organized retail crimes are the main reason for the losses in the overall retail industry at large and It is a growing challenge for both the small and large business owners.

Hence, Live Eye Surveillance has come forward to provide a complete 24/7 surveillance solution to the retail owners. Having said that, only high definition videos or evidence would not solve the purpose however, Real Time surveillance would be a game changer.

Here are 6 security solutions you will be missing out without Live Eye Surveillance services at your store.
1. Preventing Internal Theft

According to a survey, 75% of employees would steal from their workplace. Implementing the Live Eye Surveillance security can drastically reduce this percentage. The presence of video surveillance alone can help deter internal theft and capture the visual evidence of employee stealing at their workplace.

2. Employee and Customer Safety

Prime goal of a business owner is to have repeat customers flow and happy employees at the store and this will only happen when they feel safe and secured. This third eye vigilance from Live Eye Team will give a sense of protection to the employees and customers at the stores.

3. Employee Productivity

Productivity will increase when people are watched or monitored. These CCTV cameras from Live Eye will encourage people to stay alert and focused during their working hours. Potential issues like – employee’s behavior at work, their frequent and long breaks or any other fishy activity will be monitored and addressed by the Live Eye Team.

4. Provide Criminal Evidence

The crime evidence provided by the Live Eye Team will help the owners in the insurance cases as well when customers are placing false allegations on the store owners. The Live Eye team will fetch the evidence in the form of HD videos, give it to the clients to present a strong case.

5. For Data Analysis

The Live Eye team will install the cameras in such a way that it provides both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Some devices are set up to capture the continuous movements and some can detect motion only. These videos could also be used for marketing and business insights like - Customer Flow, Customer behavior , Hot selling products or Hot selling zone areas in the store. Owners can use this information in business strategy.

6. Trigger Alert

Live Eye Surveillance systems offer the option of a trigger button that sends an immediate alert to Live Eye Team. Whenever a store employee needs any assistance, the Live Eye team will come forward to help. The team will contact the employees to check the assistance they need.

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