About Us

Live Eye - A solution to smart surveillance, analytics, bookkeeping and putting the Surveillance to work for your business growth.

Rajat Duggal

Founder & CEO

Live Eye Surveillance

(Dire Surveillance Pvt. Ltd.)

  • The driving force behind the company.
  • At 23, he founded his own company.

What We Can Do for You

Loss Prevention

Deter Thefts and Improve Profits.

Customer Experience

Full Employee Engagement and Increased Productivity.

Safety & Security

Real time interaction with the employee and protection of assets.

24/7 Surveillance

Providing 24/7 surveillance to all of your sites.

Strategic Surveillance

Strategic placement and mounting of cameras to cover all the areas with minimum impact on your pocket.

Data Analysis

Production of analytical data to provide you with busiest and slowest time for your business and more.

Customer Portal

Easy to navigate portal to be able to view daily reports and analytical data.


We alert the clients immediately in case of high severity events.


Interesting Facts

Annual loss at a site
Cities Covered
Theft Prevention

Our Story Story

Live Eye Surveillance is an established provider of avant- garde Surveillance Solutions and cloud- based analytics. In the arena of security and surveillance, we provide 24 x 7 x 365 intelligent video- based surveillance and loss prevention services. We continuously strive to make it easier for our clients to view and analyze their daily sales, losses, net profits with our daily reports tool. In a period of just over a year, we have accomplished ground- breaking achievements with our best in class services provided to some of the most well- known franchises. At Live Eye Surveillance, we continuously enhance over 2000 consumer experiences daily while protecting millions of dollars of assets.

Our Mission Mission

The mission of Live Eye Surveillance is to reduce the risk of business operations with the need to protect the employee and company assets. To be the only service provider that your business will ever require, providing exhaustive and comprehensive solutions in the field of security, surveillance, customer experience enhancement, employee management, business analysis and loss prevention; to make doing business more profitable, easier and safer.

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