Gas Stations

Monitor outside activities and provide a comprehensive proof to the law enforcement when needed

Why does your Gas station Demand a Live Video Monitoring Surveillance service?

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Keep an eye on the entire workforce
  • Monitor the sales floor and other indoor premises
  • Supervise on the Cashier Centre and cafeteria
  • Monitor each pump station: did the service person fill up the tank with the correct grade of gas? Or Did they forget to charge for the services they provided?
  • Identify the person who does a suspicious activity and give instant information to the working staff.
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Surveillance for Gas Stations
  • Secure gas Station Security
  • Deter armed robberies before they happen simply by having security cameras in place
  • Monitor trespassing and equipment failures.
  • Pevents falsely lodged multimillion-dollar sexual harassment claims against gas stations and their staff
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Keep track of the daily sale
  • Integrate video surveillance into your cash to identify fraud
  • Spot violations: restarting cash registers without an administrator, failure to provide customers with a receipt.
  • Issuing an incorrect refund, or counting what’s in the cash register to withdraw whatever’s unaccounted for
  • Solve customer problems like when say I pay or less/more
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Better Customer Service
  • Maintain a record of when employees arrive and leave a gas station
  • Make sure your dress code is always followed
  • Know how employees behave with customers
  • Analyse individual Satisfy with Customer Service.

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