Keep track of activities such as product theft, discount fraud, voided transactions, etc.

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A sector specific VIDEO SOLUTION
  • View point-of-sale areas and access points from one area or an offsite location
  • Record and store high-quality video
  • Keep your facility and equipment secure after-hours
  • Monitor your refrigeration equipment to ensure the freshness and quality of food products
Customised Data for your Restaurant
  • Real-Time Analytics data of all the transactions that occur in-store.
  • Analyzes thousands of data points to deliver the information that restaurant operators need to run their business.
  • Forecast trends and Improve order accuracy
  • Better planning to minimise food waste
Restaurant Security
  • Allows you to monitor your Restaurant security cameras at any time from any internet connection
  • Monitor the Restaurant floor and additionally supervise outdoor and indoor premises
  • Identify the person doing a suspicious activity and notify the employees working immediately
  • Provide multi-stream support and HD video evidence
Employee Engagement
  • Restaurant worker engaged with virtual supervisor/manager of your business.
  • Identify strategies to evaluate operations and improve the effectiveness of your restaurant.
  • At the Peak time, a Virtual manager helps you manage your inventory and protect assets.
  • Help in finding missing objects detection

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