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Cashier Fraud Alert

Live Eye engineers have significantly changed the way to detect cashier fraud by implementing advanced level algorithms and left no way for cashiers to perform any fraudulent transactions. Even if they try to do so, our surveillance system will directly send the alerts to our professional monitoring team and the store owner/associates.

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Fast response time with an instant transaction

Our 30-Seconds response time makes us special in the field of surveillance. Whenever any incident occurs, our team's response time is as fast as a storm light. Either, we quickly announce through our advanced tech cameras or inform the cashier/managers/owners.

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Inventory Damage alerts

Through our daily reporting tool, the store associates get alerts if any inventory is being stolen or consumed by the cashiers during their working hours or at the end of their shift, even if any customer or cashier damages any inventory while shopping or putting the products back on the rack, our team share the incident details with video evidence to the manager/owner.

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Crime Evidence safely Stored in cloud storage

Sometimes small things could cost huge and we worry even your tiny things, so to make sure that everything in your store is safe and secure we store all the evidence in our secured S3 cloud storage.

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Virtual Supervisor

Customer service plays a vital role for any business and to make sure if your store cashiers are engaged in their assigned works and are performing as per the set standards is making us virtual supervisor/manager of your business.

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