how small businesses benefit from live surveillace

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Live Surveillance?

Many businesses rely on CCTV solutions when focussing on security and theft deterrence. However, CCTV solutions only work after theft has occurred. For small store owners and those with wide coverage areas (Such as gas stations), it is impossible for store managers to continuously scan the CCTV while also focusing on business and customer service. Doing so would require dedicated, focused manpower and additional resources. Live surveillance systems provide the solution to this. The live video feed from the business premises is scanned in real-time, and real-time alerts are sent to the store operations team to prevent theft. In CCTV, legal action is taken after the theft has occurred. This involves additional time and costs for recovery of loss (If at all it happens). Due to its nature, live surveillance saves that time and cost by a margin. Apart from theft, live surveillance also helps with emergencies such as medical emergencies and safety emergencies (such as armed robbery) and alerts the emergency response authorities (such as 911) without waiting for the store’s intervention or wasting any time.

Large corporations and governments routinely carry out live surveillance for the benefit it offers. Governments use it for traffic surveillance, border surveillance, and perimeter security. Corporations use it for the safety and security of their products, people, and assets in general. However, small organizations have not yet picked up on this service. Many believe that it is expensive and unsuitable for the requirements of a small convenience store or a corner gas station. Surprising as it may sound, these mom-and-pop stores stand to gain the maximum from using live surveillance. Here are some of the benefits that small store operations can derive from using Live surveillance services.

1. 24x7 Live Video Monitoring of the Business Premise

The store premises, whether large or small, are covered under live surveillance around the clock, without any interruption due to man-needed breaks. There is also no extra manpower requirement for the store itself.

2. Reduced Losses Due to Theft and Pilferage

Small thefts add up over time causing significant financial strain, especially for small stores. With live surveillance, the store management is alerted as soon as any shoplifting incident happens while the offender is still in the store. The offender can be caught in real-time, and theft is stopped, protecting the store from loss.

3. Reduced Spending on Surveillance

Apart from regular cameras, there is no additional equipment or manpower requirement in the store. This saves up capital investment and operating expenses (manpower and equipment maintenance). The savings can be significant for a small corner store with razor-thin margins.

4. Emergency Response

Apart from theft, scanning live video is very helpful in addressing emergencies. Whether its a customer having a seizure or a heart attack in the corner of an aisle of the store, or a fire at a corner of the gas station, live surveillance can not only alert the store manager about the incident, it can automatically inform the emergency response team, saving time. It can also notify police in real-time in case of an armed robbery in the store without waiting for the store manager to press the emergency button. This can make a life-saving difference.

5. Increased Productivity

With Live video coverage, the store manager can be quickly alerted when the employee is slacking. The fact that employees know about live surveillance motivates them to keep up and thus improves the overall store productivity.

6. Focus on Business

With Live video coverage, the store manager can be quickly alerted when the employee is slacking. The fact that employees know about live surveillance motivates them to keep up and thus improves the overall store productivity.

7. Historic Video Data

All real-time surveillance also stores the video feed with the date and time stamp. These videos can be revisited at a later date should there be a need for them. The videos are stored in the cloud and do not need any extra investment from the business.

8. Multi-Device Access to Live Video

Most of the live surveillance providers also provide live feeds via a mobile device app. If the owner/manager of the business needs to be away for some time, the live video feeds can be viewed on any device (mobile, tablet, PC) to keep in touch with the business in real time. The owner/manager can continue to focus on providing excellent customer service using the same service while not worrying about safety and security.

Live Eye provides state-of-the-art remote surveillance solutions, which are also cost-effective. By using Live Eye solutions for security, you do not need to worry about spending time and effort on the safety and security of your store. We assist you in focusing on your key business and servicing your customers by ensuring the safety of your business at all times. For more information, contact us at

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