Identify 5 common shoplifter behaviours

Compare to the past, the number of theft cases soared. Shoplifters are not afraid of cameras and security signs installed in the shop. Approximately $35 million worth of goods are stolen from retailers every day, according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP).

To avoid cases of theft, your employees must be aware of potential cutpurse person behaviour when trying to steal from the store. Providing surveillance service to 150+ customers over the last 5 years and analyzing video of theft incidents Live Eye shares with you 5 common shoplifter behaviour.

1. Examining multiple items

If a customer seems to be picking a lot of items up and then putting them down again without really engaging with the product, that might be an indicator their actual attention lies elsewhere.

2. Avoid Contact with working staff

You may notice when you are wrong or think to do something wrong you do not contact eye to eye with that person. The same applies to here when robbers enter the store they do not match eye with any person or do not ask questions regarding is that item available in store?

3. Split Groups

Based on our data and analysing of other company statistics regarding theft incidents. It was found that most of the incidents of theft were done in a group. Mostly it is found that a large group enters the shop and some friends of the thief create a disturbance, using tactics to distract the working staff, meanwhile committing other theft activities.

4. Standing and Walking Style

It is often observed that the standing and walking style of thieves is opposite to that of the general public. They walk slowly in an unsteady manner as they walk into the shop. In addition, they are wearing large, heavy coats where they can easily hide under clothes or inside items

5. Obstructed faces and Quick Exists

To avoid being identified, some shoplifters will wear hats, scarves, or sunglasses that cover up parts of their faces. Also, It is common that thieves after stealing items try to exit the store in a hurry without interacting with the cashier and store guard.

If you want to Increase profit and prevent Shoplifting?

Using certain customer service techniques and Surveillance service is an effective approach when working to spot and prevent shoplifters. Here are other actions you can take:

  • Train your staff to watch for theft
  • Engage with customers
  • Maintain an organised store
  • Put up warning signs and consequences of stealing
  • Bag-check policy
  • Ask a question
  • Pay attention to dressing rooms
  • Install a live Video monitoring Service

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