What is Surveillance Service and How Does the Whole Process Work?

To prevent thefts, companies have started employing 24/7 real-time surveillance services, through which they can protect their property and employees and function properly. Now the thought come in your mind that What is Surveillance?

Surveillance is the monitoring of human activities and behaviour in order to collect, influence, manage or direct information. Surveillance service involves the deployment of CCTV cameras, censors, digital videos, honeypots and other devices. Surveillance systems have the ability and capability to instantly capture the events & incidents, trigger alerts & alarms, trap-track-&-prevent before something happens.

In the past, CCTV cameras did not play an active role, which people used only to provide evidence of crimes to the authorities, although they could do nothing to change the outcome of the incident. Compared to 24/7 video surveillance monitoring. When your surveillance system is monitored live, trained technicians can step into a situation and alter its outcome, thus preventing loss, damage and bodily injury, among other things.

How does the whole process work?

Surveillance service mainly works in two steps:
  • Install CCTV cameras, censors, digital videos, honeypots and other devices on the site.
  • After complete installation of all devices, a surveillance provider or you can watch your site 24/7 anywhere around the globe.
4 main benefits of surveillance cameras are
  • Deter Crime
  • Prevent Employee Theft
  • Reduce Liabilities
  • Improve Processes

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