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What We Can Do for You

Loss Prevention

Deter Thefts and Improve Profits.

Customer Experience

Full Employee Engagement and Increased Productivity.

Safety & Security

Real Time Interaction with the Employee and Protection of Assets.

24/7 Surveillance

Providing 24/7 Surveillance to all of Your Sites.

How Live Eye Surveillance improves everyday option of your company

View your site with Live Eye Mobile App

Integrated mobile apps

View any of your camera feeds anytime, anywhere directly on your smartphone. You will see important information metrics regarding your business.

Instant trigger alerts

Instant alerts

Proactive video monitoring by us alerts the clients immediately in case of criminal activity near their sites.

Smart Strategic Surveillance

Smart Security

Strategic placement and mounting of cameras to cover all the years with minimum impact on your pocket.

Dedicated 24*7 Security Services

Centralized Control Center

Dedicated security & audit engineers to monitor sites 24*7.for a smoothly run centralized command centre, we have a power backup option plus a schedule monitoring time frame.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Encrypted and Secure cloud storage prevent loss. Moreover, the data will be in secure hands and give 24/7 insights.

Frequent Health Monitoring

Frequent Health Monitoring

In our dashboard, we developed a system that checks the health of your camera, battery and alarm systems and notify you when a change is required.


Interesting Facts

Annual loss at a site
Cities Covered
Theft Prevention

Increase Sales & Reduce Damage

We offer our clients an end-to-end security solution. Defend your team and assets with 24/7 human and AI-based surveillance. Safely secure your crime evidence in cloud storage.

The Framework We Operate