7 Reasons why your retails store need surveillance security solution

Retail is a high-competitive Industry where every dollar matters and it's a well-known fact that Retail stores are highly vulnerable and face other security breaches, so it is important to prevent the crime against customers and your employees. In 2022 to protect their inventory and employees retail store owners look forward toward 24/7 Live Surveillance Service. Live Eye Surveillance works with you to optimise the security of your retail store.

24/7 live surveillance acts as Third eye at your store. They provide security and visibility, and even help improve employee productivity for your business. In a study, a 16% reduction in theft cases after installing a security system. Without a surveillance service at your store, you are missing out 7 security Solutions.

  1. Preventing Internal Theft
  2. 75% of employees would steal from their workplace according to 2020 statistics. This percentage can drastically be reduced by implementing a security system. The presence of video surveillance alone can help deter internal theft and capture visual evidence of staff stealing from their place of employment.

  3. Employee and Customer Safety
  4. Business's prime goal is to protect both customers and employees. To watch outside or inside incidents at the store, you need a Security system. When customers feel safe in retail stores they come back. It’s your responsibility as a business owner to secure employees and customers.

  5. Productive At Work
  6. Researchers found that employees will be more productive at work when security cameras are monitoring them. These cameras encourage working people to stay more focused on their work during company time. They can also help you address potential issues, such as an employee taking frequent or excessively long breaks that can impact productivity.

  7. Provide Criminal Evidence
  8. If any kind of theft or misbehaviour with an employee occurs at your retail store, security cameras help you provide proof of a crime, validation, or even exoneration. Security cameras ensure your business and its valuable assets are protected 24-hours a day.

  9. Easily monitored activity outside your store
  10. The security system provides both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Outdoor surveillance security cameras ensure that you can watch outdoor activity around the business. Some recording devices can be set up to record continuously while others can be set to record only when they detect motion. Outdoor cameras can also hold analytical value, you can note which days and times the parking lot is busiest and set your employee's schedule based on your findings.

  11. Panic Button
  12. Most modern security systems offer the option of a panic button that sends an immediate alert to the monitoring company when employees encounter situations they cannot handle.Security companies contact working employees to determine what type of assistance they need. Security companies contact working employees to determine what type of assistance they need.

  13. Bring Down Costs
  14. One-time cost of a security system is a little bit expensive but in the long term use of security cameras will help you reduce expenses and increase profit. You’ll cut down on theft and shoplifting. Easily hand over the evidence of a crime to an authorized person. And on top of all of this, your insurance rate may even drop. Why? Because insurance companies will see your store as less of a risk if video surveillance is part of your retail security solution.

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